Question by  keeny (22)

What are common back injuries from car accidents?


Answer by  benjiross (993)

A whiplash injury can affect the upper back / neck and leave one paralysed neck down. Lower back spine can also get fractured/twisted and cause paralysis. The hip bone found in the lower part of the back can get broken and this can cause a lot of hidden blood loss.


Answer by  kungfukid (1241)

The proverbial whiplash is actually a neck strain causes by sudden motion of the head in a auto accident. The same can happen in other parts of the back.


Answer by  rosen (218)

Whiplash,Spinal cord injuries like bruising and compression and specific damage to the cervical spine area .Muscle spasm can occur due to this.


Answer by  jennifercrowe84 (202)

pulled muscles in your back, whiplash, and dislocated bones. These are all common where I live at. Also broken bones in the back as well.

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