Question by  amitmagic (37)

Is pilates good or bad for someone with a back injury?


Answer by  bitbybit (6)

I stopped Pilates, it aggrovated my back pain. I have a slightly bulging disk, facet joint problems, a slightly impinched L4 nerve and multi level disk deteriortion. I exercise in the gym without problems (treadmill, bike, weights/some boxing) but after Pilates (with experienced Physio) I get strong back pain.


Answer by  kmac (235)

That depends on what kind of back injury a person has. Pilates are great for strengthening your core, which can benefit injuries like pulled and strained muscles. The injury should first be healed enough that the movements required for some basic pilates excerises are possible. As with starting any new physical activity, check with your health care provider before beginning.


Answer by  Mike19 (92)

Pilates is good for people with previous injuries. Many of the moves practiced in pilates are stretches that allow for a greater range of motion. As long as your doctor approves a pilates exercise regimen, it can be a great way to help build lean muscle, and stretch muscles. This will definitely help ones back.


Answer by  rfoltz33 (217)

This depends on the nature and severity of the back injury. In most mild cases of back injury this would be a helpful exercise because recovery from back injury can occur as a result of light stretching and stimulation of vertebral movement. Regeneration after injury can occur with moderate exercise.


Answer by  roxiey (191)

yes pilates are greate for someone with a back injury it helps with postural alignment.it has alot of streching involed so that straching will help strenthin your back bones to


Answer by  Cheryll (152)

Yes, it is good. Pilates is essential as a rehabilitative management for back injury. Pilates is a method of exercise that helps a person who suffers from a back injury to strenghten and stretch muscles in a step by step way. It will also help to regain the normal activity of a person and prevent further damage.

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