Question by  BeeKay (45)

What are fun ways to purpose?

I want interesting ways to purpose to my girlfriend.


Answer by  vpdeb (102)

Just one don't- Don't do it on a major holiday. This day deserves a special day to itself. If you have a common sport you play together, like tennis turn in to a true love match and arrange for champagne and flowers after a set--hide the ring in the tennis ball can.


Answer by  Lissameli (115)

Find something that she is really in to and use that as best you can. Watch some date movies with her and see how she responds to what those men do. Flowers (her favorite, not always roses) are always good. Involving relatives can be fun if she would like it.


Answer by  ruffy (1117)

the thinking in a hot air balloon in the sky would be a good way as long as the ring dont fall out


Answer by  Jolie (1227)

Well you want it to be memorable so you could do it on a picnic that you set up for her. You could put it inside of something like a fourtune cookie for desert. There are recipes for the cookies online. She would never expect that and would always remember the way you did it.

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