Question by  worker3340 (33)

What are some good games with sight words?

I need ideas for small kids.


Answer by  silli586 (1103)

You could write words on note cards and tape them to the items that correspond to them. You could also do the opposite and have the kids write the words on the cards, by helping them do the letters so they learn themselves. Either way is a good idea; good luck!


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

Go fish is a good game for kids. The cards usually have a picture of the type of fish with the name of the fish on the card. Another excellent teaching tool are flash cards for words or numbers. they usually have an image and the actual word.


Answer by  dedre (998)

There are many ways to teach sight words to children, here are a few ideas that will make learning fun! Flash cards are a great way to use, playing "I Spy" with road signs while travelling is also a fun way to have the children motivated with words. A treasure map with sight words listed can be fun and rewarding.


Answer by  Cindy56 (60)

A very easy, effective game is based on the card game concentration. Start with the sight word cards face up so they can see and hear the words, then turn them over and shuffle. Begin with a few cards and build up as they begin to recognize the words.


Answer by  Kbrece (107)

Fish For Words, Memory, I Spy, Spellbound, Sigh Word Bingo, Sight Word Race, Sight Word Hangman, Color Words, Sight Word Slap, Word Racer, Erase The Face, Sight Wall Baseball, and Touchdown are a few great games.


Answer by  labgirl (333)

Matching games - like Memory - that use a picture and the sight word are good choices for small groups. Bingo, where you call out the words and they have to mark the sight word on the bingo card, is good. Projects where you illustrate the sight word by drawing or cutting out pictures are fun and reinforcing.


Answer by  mascota (639)

Pairs: make two copies of each word you are focusing on, spread them face down on the table, children take turns to turn over two cards. If they match they keep the pair. Children have to read word to adult. Kims Game: with maximum 10 words. Cards face up, remove one (kids cover eyes) and children guess which is missing.

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