mental health


Question by  Sam65 (198)

What are some fun ways to deal with frustration?


Answer by  Mar (428)

Play a game e. g. twister,slip and slide, piñatas, scream into a pillow, squeeze squishy object, pop bubble wrap, drive and sing at the top of your lungs, watch a movie or tv show you remember fondly from youth, write a letter spelling out exactly how you feel but don't send it!


Answer by  CatherineKlay (440)

Well, physical exercise is a classic way to burn off stress: walking, running, bike riding or hitting a punching bag. I've heard of people singing to relieve frustration, although probably best not to do this at the office! Yoga is GREAT to relieve frustration and stress. Writing in a journal can also reduce frustration and clear your thoughts.


Answer by  Marvelmomma (124)

I like to take an evening swim, in order to deal with frustration. I like to lay on my back watching the sun set and then, wait for the stars to arrive. I enjoy the silence of the water in counterpoint to the black velvet gown of the night above me filling with pinpricks of light.


Answer by  Mable (3008)

Save both glass bottles and jars as well as bubble wrap for moments of frustration: Pope the bubble wrap by squeezing or stomping on it. Take the glass to the recycling center and throw it in the bin intended for collecting it -- make sure the bin is sufficient to keep anyone from getting hurt. Video games can also help!

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