Question by  rajesh83 (11)

Is it a good idea to put rabbits and chickens in the same cage?

I want to make sure they will not kill each other.


Answer by  tig833 (29)

It is not a good idea. Chickens can give rabbits diseases. They may also inadvertently poke the rabbit's skin. Rabbits are susceptible to abscesses. The poke can become infected and become an abscess often quickly without warning. Surgery is sometimes required to drain abcesses.


Answer by  Planescape (7)

Yes, they can live without a problem together. They are both peaceful animals and will not bother each other in any way. They will probably ignore one another or maybe even share a companionship since rabbits are often friendly creatures.


Answer by  whobesidesme (406)

Don't give them any weapons and they won't kill each other. They might eat each other's crap and get sick, but they won't maliciously have a battle of epic proportions.


Answer by  Alisa (903)

I would not put the two together. They both carry different illnesses and diseases. Some chickens can be very mean to other animals as a defense to protect themselves. If put together you will likely end up will injured rabbits.


Answer by  Grevlar (24)

It is not a good idea to put any animal in the same cage as a chicken. The rabbit probably would not get much sleep.

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