Question by  stylee300 (17)

Is rabbit manure good for my garden?

I want to put rabbit manure on my garden as someone told me it was the best for a garden.


Answer by  basil (311)

Rabbit manure is an excellent choice for your garden. It contains lots of nitrogen that will help your plants grow.


Answer by  beko (78)

It is good for your garden as long as the rabbita are fed a natural diet and not store bought rabbit food.


Answer by  kipcat (1964)

The best fertilizer for a garden is either cow manure or horse manure. We have fertilized our garden for almost 20 yrs with horse manure with excellent results.


Answer by  lpfirman (403)

Manure in general is good for your garden, particularly that from herbivores as it replenishes the soil with nutrients that the plants can use. The same is not true of carnivore manure, as it has much more protein than plants can use. Rabbit manure is very good- cow manure is only the most popular because it is so common.


Answer by  wantabemedic (345)

Rabbit manure is truly one of the best for the garden due to it's high content of nitrogen and phosphorus which it great for flowers and fruit bearing plants.


Answer by  Anonymous

Absolutely... Recent Studies have indicated Rabbit manure to contain the highest level of nitrogen out of all herbivore manures...

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