Question by  semy (26)

Is it a good idea to put a two year old in gymnastics?

I would like to put my two year old in gymnastics.


Answer by  Fynndango (76)

Gymnastics is a great way for her or him to learn coordination and flexibility, as well as building strong muscles and bones. Another benefit of gymnastics at a young age is the interaction with other children and a "coach" will help him/her learn lessons about how to work as a team.


Answer by  tenritsu (51)

If your child likes gymnastics and she/he is up to the challenge, there are classes for children that young. Make sure you understand the risks before you sign up.


Answer by  vietnamgirls (1177)

At two years old I would start with a mommy and me class. Gymnastics is great for coordination and dextarity. It also helps them get over fears for older classes.

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