Question by  kack (17)

Is a plastic fish bowl a good idea?

My neighbor got some fish and put them in a plastic bowl and one died.


Answer by  Jami (21)

Plastic fish bowls are not a good idea for multiple reasons. One, there are no filters that work well in tanks so small, and constantly cleaning the bowl out every week is extremely stressful on the fish. Two, most fish, especially tropical fish, are very sensitive to temperature change, and even 1 degree of change can kill the fish.


Answer by  Jon55 (19)

No plastic fish bowls are not good ideas because they contain harmful chemicals that can damage fish. Also light reflects on plastic differently which causes the fish to heat up more.


Answer by  randomness (34)

The plastic bowl itself (as long at it was new) is probably not the reason for the fish not living unless it dosn't have enough surface area for oxygen.


Answer by  tmskaggsyahoocom (16)

A beta fish or a gold fish are ok to be kept in small bowls with out circulated air. Anything else should have an air tank.


Answer by  Ann38 (20)

Plastic fish bowls are not a good idea for multiple fish. They are generally designed for one to two fish. Glass tanks are designed to house a number of fish, they are easier to clean and have a longer life span.


Answer by  CrimsonWolf (15)

Plastic fishbowls have given me a lot of success, it just depends on what kind of fish you put in there/filtration. Several plastic containers offer decent filtration, though I would suggest a betta for this and not much else. The fish may have been sick/fragile species. Plastic needs hardy/small fish.


Answer by  sharpe (22)

The reason why one of fishes died doesn't have to connected with bowl type(plastic or glass). There are lots of potential reasons - f. e problem might be with one of the fishes being sick from the beggining.

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