Question by  abin (16)

What are some good ideas for enhancing the body, mind and spirit?

I would like to put together a plan to improve myself.


Answer by  kungfukid (1241)

feng shui is a good way to start because it helps to get your life organized,, exercising in the morning clears you head better that at any other part of the day.


Answer by  Heather726 (257)

I would start with yoga. Yoga is perfect for engaging all three at once. If you have a YMCA near you, you can find a class cheaply, or use a DVD. Yoga can be very gentle, or it can be a serious workout! But it is very meditative, keeping your mind "in the moment" while your in the pose.


Answer by  girl55555 (157)

A good idea is to do yoga, which enhances the body physics and balances the body and mind connection. Yoga often has meditation as part of it, but it can be done separately too, which is good for the mind and spirit as well. Increase of endorphines during exercise is good for all the above.


Answer by  ana15 (116)

First you have to know your self, your strenghts and weaknesses. Then you should do something about the weakness and improve more on the strengths. Then see youself as a beautiful person, you should be. Then for your body, fat or thin you should love it. Lastly, always have a good relationship with God.

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