Question by  chitchenhitchens (17)

How to become a kindergarten teacher?


Answer by  aecarpenter (516)

If you are in the US, you'll need to complete at Bachelor's Degree program in Liberal Arts first. Then you'll need to complete an approved Teacher Credential Program in the state where you want to teach. You'll also have to pass some tests along the way.


Answer by  Ryan69 (52)

This largely depends on the district in which you would like to teach. Every district and state has different requirements ranging from a degree in primary education to passing state tests like the Praxis I or II. Check with your State Department of Education website for information on the specific details.


Answer by  lou (792)

To become an elementary teacher, you will need to follow a course of study approved by your state at a college or university. You will study education,theory and educational psychology. Most programs are 4 to 5 years long. Your last year, you will spend a semester as a student teacher.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

Generally you will need to earn your Early Education degree from an accredited college. In doing so you will have to work in a school as a teacher under the supervision of a fully credentialed kindergarten teacher. You may have to take additional tests to qualify with your state.

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