Question by  abc33 (8)

How can I figure out the cause of leaking windows?

My windows are leaking and I do not know why.


Answer by  petevanorden (26)

You will need two people. One person gets a garden hose and sprays the widow with a hose while the second guy inspects all the surrounding ares for the leaks.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

If you find that your windows are leaking, you can guarantee that there is a slight crack or opening somewhere along your window. You can try to find the spot by spraying some water along the edges of the window.


Answer by  salsafoodie (3146)

There could be a variety of reasons that your windows could be leaking. One of the most easiest and common problem could be leaking seals. Seal can be complete with the reseal of the window by adding new stripping on the window.


Answer by  Simo53 (90)

I wouldn't bother with trying to work out the cause - I'd just get straight to fixing the problem! Unless if it was happening regularly though - then it'd be worth checking out. A seal around the window may have gone, termites even, just check it out and you should be able to see.


Answer by  Laila64 (151)

The best way for figure out the cause of leaking windows is spraying water along the edges and the slight crackings of windows.


Answer by  worker4582 (39)

Checking the caulk around the window's edge should be the first place you look. Go to store, buy some caulk, and reapply to the edge of the window.

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