Question by  vishakha (19)

What can I do if Windows XP setup is stuck?

My windows xp setup is stuck.


Answer by  Leonte (76)

Do you mean you're trying to install XP and it gets stuck at some point? If it use to work before, then there are 2 reasons i can think of: 1. Your install CD or disk drive got damaged sometime between this installation and the previous. 2. Your computer/laptop is not designed to run Win.XP, and won't accept the aplication.


Answer by  Abkarino (14)

1. call some friends for help. 2. call a computer engineer. 3. call Microsoft support. If there were not any Solutions, you should buy a new copy of windows and if it didn't work you should buy a new computer with windows XP on it.


Answer by  Cezz (45)

Windows setup can sometimes hang but normally sort themselves our after a few moments. If your install has been running for some time it may be that you have a corrupt disk. Check that the disk is clean and restart the pc by pressing and holding the power button, then start the install again.


Answer by  pankajbothre (19)

First check the CD you are using,if CD is OK then there might be hard disk having bad sectors which causing problem. Now please start the installation from begin.


Answer by  sanabel (79)

If you find your Windows XP setup to be stuck then, if waiting a while longer isn't an option, the best and only alternative you have on the table is to just bite the bullet, reboot and restart the entire install process.


Answer by  neeravvyas (84)

There can be many resons for such issue either the CD you are using mihght have corrupted or might be some issue with the hardware. Try re installing the windows. If you are using OEM licence and trying to install on another system, it will not work. Another solution can be fdisk using floppy drive.


Answer by  Bob86 (165)

When you turn on your PC, you have the option of pressing a button to load the boot menu, usually F8. When you press that you will be shown a menu, you can try booting in safe mode, this will allow you to try running a restore point in windows

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