Question by  SallyJ (1010)

What is the best way to fix an outside basement leak?

I have noticed that I have leak in my basement, I have found the spot on the outside that the water is coming from and need to repair it.


Answer by  constructiongal (9)

Consider improving the drainage so the flow of moisture is away from your house. Be sure your downspouts are in good repair. If you are having a masonry issue, such as a crack in your foundation, it will need to be repaired. I recommend hiring a professional as a little problem now can turn into a very expensive problem later.


Answer by  StarOne (941)

The best way to fix a leak from the outside is to prevent the moisture from being able to get up to the house. Try building up the dirt around the area of the house that is the problem. You can have added protection by laying heavy plastic and rocks on top of the dirt build up.


Answer by  wd (24)

If you have a crack in the foundation you should cover it up with sand, then caulk the areas that are cracked, they sell caulk specific to this task at most hardware stores. Also, you may want to build up the ground around the area so that water is diverted.

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