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Question by  SurendranathMenon (18)

How can I figure out how much it will cost to ship something overseas?

I have to figure out if it's worth the expense.


Answer by  jheremans (1446)

Go to the USPS website and it will tell you how much a parcel costs, or go to a private carrier like fed ex which would be more expensive.


Answer by  69thblock (23)

Theres a wide variety of delivery option Check your local postal location for service availability, pricing. Some locations can manage the pick-up, packaging and delivery of your shipment. Shipping packages abroad can be a time-consuming process – involving paperwork, tariffs and regulations.


Answer by  amtcura66 (1340)

You can go to the post office and ask the people there. After all, it's their job to do that kind of thing.


Answer by  JohnDoe123123 (24)

You can google UPS's (or similar shipping companies , dhl , fedex, etc.)shipping rates for the size and wieght of whatever you are shipping and the price to the destination you are shipping to. If it costs more to ship then the price of the item, it isnt worth it.


Answer by  Arin (247)

Depending on the size of the item(s) you are shipping you find out which shipping companies you want to use - smaller items will use fed-ex, USPS or UPS; larger will depend where you are. Then ask for quotes or use online shipping estimate tools.

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