Question by  Tanya (30)

How can I figure the answer to this question - Am I still straight?

I have always been straight but had a one night stand... what does that mean?


Answer by  markochiguegmailcom (514)

That one night stand could mean you were just curious about what it would be like. This is just an opinion, so please don't take it as expert advice.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

When you fantasize about having sex, if your imagined object of affection is of the opposite gender, you are still heterosexual. If you are still attracted to others of the opposite gender, you are still heterosexual.


Answer by  Sinefey (457)

If you are still sexual aroused/attracted by the opposite sex then Yes, you are straight. If you are sexually aroused/attracted to both, then you are Bisexual.


Answer by  Anonymous

Everyone is different. My definition of sexual orientation is 'which gender will a person yearn for once he/she knows everything? ' In other words, it takes years and years to really know oneself. No rush. Enjoy the process. It's dating. Dating should be fun.


Answer by  weeonelb (358)

You can tons of one night stands and still be straight. Sexuality is not relative unless you had it with someone of the same sex, so you're still straight.

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