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Question by  catawba (19)

What are some gift ideas for women?

I am a guy and never know what to get the women in my family.


Answer by  prissymissy (1895)

Well jewelry of course always makes a great gift. You can get them all pearl earrings for example or a simple necklace.


Answer by  XiaoXin (79)

Sunglasses, clothes, bags, shoes, perfume, jewelry, books, lingerie, music boxes, flowers, chocolate, toiletries, candles, beauty products, slippers, makeups, pictures, clocks, laptops, computers, puppy, kitten, candle holders, hats, pillows, decoratives, watches, giftcards, fish bowls, gift certificates to a spa, charm bracelets, aprons, cellphones, cameras, musical instruments, scrapbooking kit, home spa gift set.


Answer by  HCShopper (105)

Women appreciate thoughtful gifts. If you notice a woman upset because of a broken appliance, getting her a new one would be great. Women also enjoy things they wouldn't normally buy for themselves like fancy jewelry or massages. It depends on the kind of woman, but if you listen to them you will find clues to great gifts.


Answer by  Erynn (1651)

Women tend to be stereotyped as liking jewelry and chocolate, so are rarely offended upon receiving these, and the same goes for flowers so long as they don't have hay-fever. It's ill-advised to get a woman perfume unless you know it's what she already uses. The best gifts are always tailored to the interest of the individual.

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