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Question by  apple (447)

Does hair turn grey or grow in grey?

I just noticed long grey hair. That makes me believe that hair _turns_ grey rather than that the regular hair falls out, the root changes to a grey-producing root, and a grey hair grows from it. Is that true? A hair can just change colors?


Answer by  anna2662 (232)

No hair can not just change colors. It grows in grey at the roots. Odds are you just missed seeing that hair previously.


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

Your hair follicles start producing gray hairs so new hairs grow in gray, but it is also possible that your existing strands can change color because with age they will gradually lighten- turning gray.


Answer by  dpink (111)

Hair does not turn grey, it grows in as you age or depending on genetics. You probably just found this gray hair that has been there for years.


Answer by  peteroflondon (0)

Your hair loses its pigmentation so it turns to its virgin color which is white or silver. Grey is the in between.

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