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Question by  Bob95 (18)

What can cause hair color to slip off?

My hair color will not stick.


Answer by  notsosmart (29)

Exposure to the sun can cause hair color to fade more quickly. Too much chlorine can also cause the color to fade, as well as washing your hair daily.


Answer by  AllisonTibbs (24)

It could be that semi-permanent dye is being used on hair darker than the dye. Use a permanent dye, which lifts natural color. Also, hair should not be shampooed for 24 hours before coloring. If color is fading quickly, avoid hair's exposure to sunlight, chlorine, and harsh shampoos.


Answer by  jamilea (238)

It could be due to using just any type of shampoo. Go to a beauty supply store and purchase a product specifically designed to protect your hair color. Don't cut corners or you'll run into this problem every time. You get what you pay for!


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Do you dye your hair too much? Sometimes when you over dye or use too much hair care products on your hair it can damage your hair and cause the dye not to stick. Try leaving it un-dyed for a while. Another cause of damage is using a straightener.

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