Question by  Shebitha86 (9)

Why will my hair not hold hair color after it has been colored?

I recently paid a great deal of money to color my hair and it washed out within days.


Answer by  pagan23 (1342)

If you had it done at a salon they most likely used a demi permanent colour. The hair colour that you can buy yourself at the store does that because it does not actually change the colour of your hair. It only coats the strands with colour.


Answer by  Anonymous

Grey hair is harder to dye, damaged hair loses dye quickly (it has too many microscopic holes), and red dyes are especially short-lived. If you want a truly permanant natural dye, 100% Henna for orange/red henna+indigo for brown, and henna THEN indigo for black. These do NOT wash out.


Answer by  Anonymous

if it was lightened it is too porous to hold the color... the cuticle has been lifted and damaged so badly that the color molecules just run out... try a ph/porosity treatment like Wella IN Depth


Answer by  Bee36 (230)

You could be washing your hair too often and with the wrong type of shampoo. Be sure to ask your stylist for his or her recommendations on color-safe hair products that will not strip color from hair. Also, the permanency of the color determines how long it will last. If it is semi-permanent, it usually washes out within 6-12 shampoos.


Answer by  tbailer (48)

If you did not have a permanent hair color put on your hair it will fade out. Most likely when you had it colored they used a semi-permanent color.


Answer by  Jenallen (138)

I think so, my hair is done dark, and usually within two weeks, the color has washed out. I do not pay a salon my hard earned money to do this for me, as it will wash out. I have heard that you can always rinsewith cold water after shampoo and conditioning.

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