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Question by  YK (304)

How do I go about changing hair color from blond to brown?

I want to dye my hair.


Answer by  Goldie (121)

It's easiest to get your hair dyed professionally, but it's more cost effective to do it yourself. The first step is to select the color of brown you want to go with. You also want to make sure the dye you use is a conditioning dye that includes highlights.


Answer by  Mallory (155)

Try a semi permanent color first. They are more forgiving, and if you want to return to blond, the color just fades gradually. Pick a warmer, more golden shade, since an ash tone on light hair will come out greenish are steely looking. Try going just 2 shades darker at a time, until you find what you love.


Answer by  trudie1962 (1022)

You have two choices, if you want to go with the type of dye available at drugstores: permanent or semi-permanent hair colouring. Semi-permanent fades away after a certain number of washes. Permanent is... obviously... permanent. I'd go first with semi-permanent - see whether you like the look.


Answer by  joshandeleisa (331)

It is easy to go to brown. Just pick a color. But remember that because your hair is light it can cause the color to come out a little darker.


Answer by  Dovington (63)

This is a simple process. You can buy a kit, most all stores will carry what you need. The instructions are very easy to follow.


Answer by  mpelle (343)

Buy a box of color that is brown dye and dye it, or consult a professional hair stylist that can determine the right color for you.


Answer by  im0awesome (0)

professional. Get your hair done professionally. I f you use a box, things may go wrong

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