Question by  gege (12)

Can you tell me some shades of blond hair?

I'm thinking of changing my hair color.


Answer by  Mallory (155)

Shades of blond can range from a deep honey to a cool icy blond. Pick a color with the opposite undertones of your skin to avoid looking washed out.


Answer by  DarkCries (14)

There's a lot of shades of blond hair. For instance, there's platinum blond which is close to a very white shade. The darkest shade of blond would be sandy blond which resides on the border of brown and blond. Some other shades are ash blond, yellowish blond, strawberry blond, and you can also try multitonal blond (different shades).


Answer by  Dovington (63)

There are light blonds. Ash blonds. Dark blonds. Sun kissed blonds. Blonds with light and dark streaks. Blonds with red highlights. Blonds with very very dark roots. Blonds with gray roots. Blonds with golden highlights. There are brassy looking blonds. There are blonds with black stripes in their hair. There are bleach blonds.


Answer by  Iamstrong (659)

Take precautions and select a complimentary color of blonde and avoid brassy shades. The following are available bright golden, light pale, light golden, light ash, dark ash, honey and strawberry.


Answer by  nina (17)

The color you choose depends on skin tone. If you have naturally warm skin tones you can choose colors ranging from ash tones to golden tones. But if you have very fair or drab coloring you need to choose a warm blonde with some gold or even a little red. This will help to warm the colors in your skin.


Answer by  twintech48 (46)

yes i can tell you many shades because i am a beautician. there are lots of shades of blond hair. you can use some green if you like. brown is also good,golden and red is also nice.

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