Question by  arpitbathma01 (262)

What color furniture goes with dark brown walls?

I cannot change the color of the walls, they are very dark brown.


Answer by  M26 (20)

Obviously, you need contrast. Don't go for stark contrast; instead of bright white, go with a blonde or offwhite and use fabrics to blend the two together.


Answer by  debmalewski (1085)

Keep the furniture color light, so that they don't disappear into the walls. Beige, pink, aqua, red--all would look great. Think of the brown as "chocolate".


Answer by  withsmluck (793)

Creme color furniture would compliment dark brown walls, and would give the illusion of making the room larger. Choose furniture that is very light in color and over-sized to lighten the rooms atmosphere and make the room comfortable. Wood or metal accents on the furniture should also be light in color.


Answer by  james37 (37)

As an interior decorator, I like your idea of taupe, but make it more like a "weak glass of chocolate milk color"


Answer by  caporfirio (804)

You want to find furniture that is light in color. Some examples might include: white, beige, light blue, light yellow, or even a pale pink color. When you go furniture shopping try and take a sample of the brown that is on your walls. This way, you can see if the colors will clash or not.


Answer by  suresh64 (14)

The furniture which you can choose for matching with the color of the walls can be of a light shade. You can go in for ivory color or peach color. If you want you can select light biscuit color also.

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