Question by  chrisf01864 (25)

Will soy formula cause diarrhea?

My child has diarrhea and is on Soy formula.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

No soy formula will not cause your child to get diarrhea. Usually, the soy formula causes constipation in small babies.


Answer by  lilian (397)

Some people are sensitive to soy formula, so it could be the cause. Diarrhea in infants is a serious issue and warrants a visit to the pediatrician. Diarrhea causes severe fluid and electrolyte loss, which can cause other complications. It's best to visit the doctor to rule out other illnesses.


Answer by  RNR (129)

Soy Formula is not known to cause diarrhea, infact most doctors recommend Soy Formula to babies who suffer from diarrha. Soy Formula is a good substitute to breast feeding and Cow's milk. It usually contains fibre (Isomil F) which helps in slowing down of bowl movement and thus reducing diarrhea.


Answer by  roxy3555 (51)

Not sure about the diarrhea, you should probably ask your pediatrician. I know when my daughter had a problem with her formula she would throw up almost every time she ate.

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