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Question by  RavikumarP (19)

Why do my brakes lock on my Ford Ranger?

For the second day in a row my brakes are acting up on my Ranger.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

It could be a lot of things they are probably getting wet or you have a bad brake somewhere on it.


Answer by  Jimbob (2275)

You should check if there is not water in your brake fluid. It never hurts to replace the brake fluid anyway as it often attracts water. So replacing the fluid may stop the problem.


Answer by  laura27 (1216)

The brakes could be wet or it could be that your brakes are going bad. Make sure its no water in your brake fluid sometimes it attracts water. Therefore may require you to get a new brake fluid to stop the problem. They can be tight or have dirt in them. Take to a professoional shop or dealer.


Answer by  Gopalakrishnan (4)

The inside part of the rubber lines deteriorate and cause them to lock if that checks out then you need to get a master cylinder but if the car has abs check the abs pump first located on the inner fender somewhere it will have a bunch of brake lines on it and a plug


Answer by  realdude (8)

I am not a qualified mechanic however, i feel the reason why your brakes are locking up is due to the reason they are dirty or to tight. I suggest you take it to the shop. The qualified technician will be able to help you understand why your brakes are locking up.


Answer by  heather88 (1897)

You need to take it into a professional to have it looked at. You shouldn't try and fix them yourself. They know what they are doing and can get the brakes fixed. They will know what to do to fix the brakes. The brakes are probably going out and need to be replaced.

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