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Question by  markhi (48)

What can you tell me about a Ford Ranger and a coolant leak?

My Ford Ranger has a coolant leak.


Answer by  NateB (571)

A coolant leak is a coolant leak on any vehicle. You first need to find out where it's leaking from. It could be the radiator, one of the hoses, the water pump, the thermostat, the coolant resovoir, or even the radiator cap. Find the leak and then replace the part.


Answer by  jkjk19 (134)

You need to pressure test the system to see where is is leaking from. It could be coming from a water pump, a hose, the radiator or even the head gasket. With pressurising the system you can see exactly where the leak is and will help you solve your problem in no time.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

One option is to clean your entire engine and look for leaks. An easier way is to purchase some special leak detecting dye that you add coolant then run the engine. Then you use the UV light you get with the kit to see where it is leaking from.


Answer by  sherin (35)

While driving my Ford Ranger ,I found temperature gauge showing engine temperature is high same time smoke was coming from engine room. Suddenly I stopped car and opened engine hood. During my inspection ,I found no coolant in coolant reservoir tank and Radiatior top hose is splitted causing coolant leakage.


Answer by  Allstar (2071)

All I can tell you is that you should have the leak fixed before operating the truck anymore. An engine empty of coolant will fail very quickly.


Answer by  Matt67 (112)

Inspect where fluid is coming from. Most likely it is from intake manifold gasket leak. Second choice would be one of the 2 radiator hoses or the radiator itself which is common.

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