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Question by  GallDoru (17)

What is the process of replacing brake pads in a Durango?

I need to replace the brake pads in my Durango.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

It's the same as any other car. Pull off the wheel, unbolt the caliper, remove the old pads, compress the piston, install the new pads, and reverse the procedure. If you have drums in the back it will be a little different.


Answer by  aj20 (29)

Jack up the wheel, remove it, remove the caliper, replace the pads, replace the caliper, have someone apply the break while you watch, assuming all is well replace the wheel.


Answer by  Chris22 (95)

Remove wheel. Drain fluid through nipple on caliper. Unbolt and remove calipers. Slide pads out of caliper. Slide new pads in caliper, bolt caliper back on. Replace fluid.


Answer by  ARASAN (20)

After replacing front brake a pad, the malfunction indicator light came on and 2 codes were set relating to a brake switch. Is this a switch that needs to be reset. Also this happened, the cruise control doesn't work. My 2000 doge durango simply will not turn over at all.

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