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Question by  hairgoddess (21)

How do I install a front brake disc on my Ford Ranger?


Answer by  icanoutfishyou (1148)

Jack the vehicle up and secure it with a jack stand. Remove the wheel, then remove the brake caliper. Once the caliper is removed, your brake discs will easily slide out, and replace the pair. Also, it would be wise to get a new rotor or at least have it turned, for longevity of repair.


Answer by  salsafoodie (3146)

You will need to replace the brake rotors in order to the front brake disc removed and then you will need to add your new front brake disc and replace the brake rotors. You may depending on the condition of the vehicle to bled the breaks in order to have the brakes working properly.


Answer by  JD17 (424)

Take top off Break master cylinder. Jack up truck. Remove the tire. Put truck on jack stand. Remove the rotor and break pads. The disc break will have one or two screw on the front, remove them and it will pull off.


Answer by  Motivator1 (89)

You need to remove the wheel and brake caliper first. Then simply remove the grease cap on the center of the rotor along with the nut and cotter pin.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Securely jack the truck up and remove the wheel. Loosen and remove the brake caliper and hang it off to the side with some wire or rope. If it is 4WD then you might need to remove the axle nut. Then remove the rotor. Slide it off but be careful of the studs and their treads.


Answer by  zacanger (434)

First jack it up and remove the wheel. Then remove the retaining pins, compress the piston, remove the pads and caliper. Installation is the reverse of removal.


Answer by  geethapriya (239)

The front brake disc is install by replacing the old disc by using suitable hardware and clean that area fully and then install the new disc.

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