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Question by  yuva77385 (1)

What could cause a chirping sound coming from the engine of a Ford Ranger?

I have a chirping sound coming from my Ford Ranger engine.


Answer by  RyHeab (54)

Sounds like it's probably a belt. Check your belts if they are worn change them. Could be timing chain but probably not.


Answer by  oily1 (29)

The chirping could be caused by a bad belt or even a pulley in the belt system. The harmonic balancer could possibly make the noise. One other possible option would be the flex plate in the back of the engine. Try to determine where the chirp is, front of back and it will help narrow it down.


Answer by  mrkrinkle (77)

I would check all belts for wear and make sure that they are in proper working condition. Next, depending on your belts condition it could be a pulley. There could be humidity causing your pullies to squeek or chirp. The pulley could be worn. It could also be a combination of both.


Answer by  acostaf1 (37)

The noise can come from various parts, the most common cause a of chip on a Ford Ranger is usually the V-belt. I would recommend changing it. Its very ease to change you just have to locate the adjuster pullin which located toward the bottom of the vehicle if standin over the top of the engine.


Answer by  Lamar (25)

Chirps come from anything that is rotating so it could be a belt that is rubbing againt metal. Check your belts and pulleys for inadequate tension.

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