Question by  hairgirl24 (78)

Where should a puppy sleep on its first night away from its mother?

Is it normal for the puppy to cry?


Answer by  Teresa32 (314)

I've been a big fan of letting a puppy sleep with it's new human mom or dad. Pups are used to having their litter mates to cuddle with and keep them warm at night. If you let your new puppy sleep with you, both of you will get a good nights sleep.


Answer by  smellycat22 (1129)

It is normal for them to cry, but try not to react to it because it might get into habit to cry to get your attention. If you are using crate, place it near your bed/bedroom. Place a hot water bottle (wrap in towel) or a heating pad for him. A clock's ticking sound or soft music may sooth him.

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