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Question by  Cristina (339)

What is the best way to deal with a whining puppy?

I have a new puppy that has whined every night for the past three nights.


Answer by  ktt (355)

A puppy whining at night probably needs to be let out to pee. Puppies can only hold their bladders one hour for every month old they are and dogs prefer not to pee where they sleep.


Answer by  Anais (32)

Make sure your puppy has a comfortable sleeping spot, in your room if possible. Use a small box with pillow and blankets. Give your pup a soft toy (something made safe for puppies). Play soft music or put a ticking clock nearby. Be patient; your sweet puppy will adjust soon.


Answer by  boston003 (29)

Give him food and water. Care and love for him and make him feel like he is wanted. Play with him.


Answer by  Bill97 (4)

Some would say you should put them in a cage/kennel, others say you should bring them into your room to be close to you.

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