Question by  hippychick (18)

Where can you find criminal records in Atlanta?

If I'm correct that is public information and you can see if people have ever been to jail before.


Answer by  April (296)

You have to go in person to the courthouse and request the information. They may ask you to give them a request in writing. They also may ask you to pay for the copies. But yes, you are correct, it is public information and you have the right to access it.


Answer by  tmstp6207 (43)

You may request criminal records in Georgia by going into the sheriff's office or police department. You will need to contact the law enforcement agency to know of the specific requirements for obtaining the records. There is a statute that allows access to the records without the criminal's consent. There may be a fee charged by the law enforcement agency.


Answer by  KristiNykole (32)

Depending on what you are looking for you can go to the county where the crime was committed and go to the court house and look at all the criminal records pertaining to that crime.


Answer by  Lamskin (33)

Criminal records in Atlanta, Georgia can be found at the Fulton County Court House. Criminal records are a matter of public record

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