Question by  Clayton (25)

How to you expunge felony convictions from your record in the state of Texas?

I need to remove things from my criminal record.


Answer by  patti (29325)

The governor must pardon felons. You must appeal in writing to the governor directly. Consideration is given to the crime, circumstances and how you have changed your life, including your contributions society. Political connections and political donations are extremely helpful.


Answer by  vkcopper (358)

The convicted person needs to petition a court in the county of conviction. Voting rights of felons who were convicted in Texas were restored as of 9-1-97, if the person has fully discharged the felony sentence,any incarnation, parole period and probation has been completed. A full pardon also restores certain citizenship rights, rights to vote.


Answer by  TheAnswerFairy (2345)

You go to your local courthouse and file a petition. You have to meet a lot of qualifications, like being underage at the time, being free from conviction since, etc.


Answer by  lovemypitbulls (146)

Texas has very strict rules on expungement. Normally you can only get an expungement if you are found not guilty. If youre still interested in pursuing this contact an attorny.


Answer by  gordon (304)

Texas law allows you to file a petition with the court. If you were granted probation and successfully completed that and have a clean record since then, a judge will make the decision to set aside your record.

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