Question by  Viji (40)

Can HOA's perform a criminal records check?


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Check with your states Attorney General's Office, but this is a grey area. Criminal records, if not sealed, are public record. Your Home Association probably is not legally invading your privacy by performing a check. When you commit a crime, you take the risk of how this will impact you.


Answer by  John (9008)

Anyone can perform a criminal records check on anybody. There are no restrictions on who may do this; indeed, for certain sex crimes in some states, people who have been convicted are required to inform their neighbors of their conviction. Rules for this can vary from state to state, however.


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

They can if at the time you rented or brought your property they made it known that a records check will be done eventually. If they did not disclose that fact then they have no righ to do so.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Some HOA's reserve the right to "approve" an application for a new resident and as such, the new resident agrees to a background check. It depends on how your HOA bylaws are set up and how your community is structured.

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