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Question by  Zeenia (53)

Where can I find the remotes for a gamecube so that it can be played on the wii?

I was told I could purchase remotes for my gamecube and then be able to play it on my wii, however Target and Walmart has never seen them.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

The Wii mote can only be used for the Wii. The Gamecube has controllers. If you want to play Gamecube games on your Wii, you need to buy either a Gamecube controller, or the Wii's classic controller. That is probably why everyone at the store you went to looked confused.


Answer by  corycubed (42)

Check in your area for specialty game stores. Look up video games in the phone book, they should be there. Gamestop still sells their own brand of controller, and they might have some used as well. You may try a pawnshop as well.


Answer by  Djoneechan (142)

If you look for it online, there should be some in stock. If you want to try driving around, there's usually video games stores or electronic stores (like Gamestop or Best Buy) and you should be able to find one. A lot of times you'll be able to buy them used.


Answer by  Isli (145)

Check out your local Game Stop, or any other 'used' game store. The Game Cube controllers will be found there, and the people working should be able to tell you how to use the controllers with the Wii.


Answer by  thumbstick (34)

You may purchase gamecube controllers from some trade in stores like EB games, or Gamestop. Or you may want to pick up a Wii Classic controller, they're sold at Walmart.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

You can play your old gamecube games on your wii with the gamecube controller. However you cannot use the wii remote to play the gamecube games since it is not backwards compatible. The wii has separate modes that won't allow the wii remote to be used. Any gamecube controller should work as well as the memory cards.

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