Question by  mehernosh (27)

How do I connect the wii to a ds?

I need to connect my wii to my ds.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

You need to get a connector wire and then attach it to the d.s. Why do you want to connect the wii to the DS? Did you need to play a wii game on the D.S. screen? I recommend just sticking with the regular t.v. But if you are going ahead, you need the connector cable.


Answer by  mturk9856 (26)

Unfortunately, you cannot directly do this. They both have similar online play features in certain games, so you may be able to play games with people using your wii, but not directly connecting them.


Answer by  jawedge (238)

Each individual game that has the capability of transfering data between the DS and the Wii have separate instructions, but it usually involves starting the Wii game, selecting some menu item, then turning on the DS.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well you can connect the wii to the ds by plugging the usb wire from the ds to the wii. In some cases, you need to buy the connector cable.


Answer by  Klk (30)

You connect your DS to your Wii using the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for both systems. They connect wirelessly. This is a feature that is only used for some games, however. Those games come with individual instructions on how to connect your Wii and your DS. Usually, this involves going to different menus on the DS and the Wii.

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