Question by  mickey25 (2)

Where can I find the codes for a GE Universal remote to change mine?

I want to use it with a different TV but I can't find the list of codes that came with it.


Answer by  aswanih (5)

All devices have three or four digit depending on the GE remote model. If you cannot find the working code, try the code find in the CODE SEARCH method.


Answer by  John9955 (4)

You should probably try and locate the webpage of the remote manufacturer, and try to look for an online listing of the codes you require.


Answer by  cvrsbusy (53)

Switch ON TV. Press and hold setup button (middle of remote, under ON/OFF button). Hold till light indicator at top-left lights up. Then press and release TV mode button, indicator light will blink and lit. Point to TV and press ON/OFF till TV switches-off. Press Enter on lower right side.


Answer by  shin (8)

you cannot find it again. you had to save the codes. I am sorry but you have to use another remote.

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