Question by  Baloncesto50 (20)

Where can I find the most multi-player online rpg games?

I love to play role playing games online and need a new resource for different games that are available.


Answer by  wjgsert (403)

There are many resources for finding links and information on multi-player online rpg's. A quick google search should provide enough results to give you many options as to what your next game will be. Another option is a video game store, such as EB Games or Gamestop. They usually have a fairly decent selection of MMORGP's to choose from.


Answer by  randman21 (224)

You can find a great variety of MMORPGs on MMORPG dot com. There are different tabs for features, forums, news, videos, blogs, columns, reviews, photos, guilds and comics. There are games that you can play for free, such as "Dungeons and Dragons", "Battle Swarm, Field of Honor" and many others.


Answer by  Surandil (20)

There are sites on the net that provide lists of MMORPG. After getting to such site You have simply to choose one of the games listed there. State Your Favorite types of games and search. You could simply type into Google: mmorpg list. So simple to find that. If that would help i recommend the online game Pefrct World. Enjoy!


Answer by  Ender33 (51)

A common abbreviation for this type of game is "MMORPG"(Massive Multiplayer Online RPG). So the best way to find a definitive list for this type of game is to do a Google search for "Best MMORPG's available". Another great search would be "Best free MMORPG's available.


Answer by  Atomicrayon (2504)

IF you're talking about an MMORPG Like World of Warcraft or Everquest 2 i would suggest going to an online store or your local Game Stop. Now if you're referring to a pen and paper type of Dungeons and Dragons game there are a lot of forums that cater to RPs and can be found via google.

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