Question by  CF (19)

Where can I find flute duet music?

My friend and i are going to play a flute duet soon.


Answer by  rachflute (22)

A good place to check first would be your local music store. They will have lots of flute duet music. There are many websites you can order from as well.


Answer by  iloveeating (181)

Depending on the piece, you can order it online or through a music store. If you have a piece in mind, a search engine would help you find it.


Answer by  RoyZ (32)

Flute duet music is quite easily obtained. For example, websites such as flute tunes have sheet music available to download along with an mp3 of the tune to assist with easier learning. Many music stores also have a large selection of sheet music for flute duets readily available for you to purchase.


Answer by  Olive (1195)

Be creative and make your own flute duet music. You can make easy or challenging arrangements based on your skill level. Get a book of rounds from your local library. For more interesting and challenging arrangements, take some vocal music with soprano and alto parts.


Answer by  ghidorah (172)

Check your local music shops for records or music sheets. If they don't have it, they might be able to order a shipment for you. You can also try online stores. Some of them even provide instant downloads for a cheaper price.


Answer by  Bear75 (17)

You can find flute duet music at 8 notes which is a website that provides free sheet music and lessons. You can also try kendor music which is another website that contains mainly classical sheet music for flute duets. you can find 12 Classical Duets, Set 2 (from 24 Duettos In An Easy, Pleasing Style) using this site.

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