Question by  naenae2000 (39)

When should I use the "B" shutter speed setting?

I'm trying to learn how to use my camera, and I don't know what the "B" shutter speed is used for.


Answer by  HH (404)

The "B" setting allows you to keep the shutter open as long as you like, hours. Exposure of night sky. Make sure you have a fresh battery in the camera!


Answer by  sundayReed (62)

the "b" setting is good for shots of fireworks or lightning or really dark night shots where you need to keep the shutter open for a very long time


Answer by  salamander (408)

read your owners manual, there are so many settings and so many different cameras where even the same setting can be used for different things and in different ways.


Answer by  wilsonace (129)

The "B" setting for your shutter stands for "Bulb". This setting is normally used for night or darker scenes when you need to let in light for a longer length of time. When you press the shutter release button, the shutter will stay open until you press the button again.


Answer by  Euripides (174)

The "B" setting stands for an old-fashioned term: "Bulb". When you set your shutter on "B", the shutter will stay open as long as you have your finger on the shutter release. This used to be used for flash-powder photos, but these days it's used for long natural-light night exposures of a minute or more.

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