Question by  imoecc (25)

What was the first movie that was every made?

I am doing a study on movie history and need some help.


Answer by  StanG (44)

The first movie ever made was "La sortie des usines Lumière", which is a 1-minute short by the Lumière brothers. It didn't have a plot, like all their early films, and was simply documenting an activity. In the case of "La sortie des usines Lumière" it was workers leaving a factory.


Answer by  awanderingbard (55)

There is some debate about the first movie ever made. Technically, the first motion picture made is The Horse In Motion (1878). Eadweard Muybridge set up 16 cameras to take a photograph a second behind the previous, to capture a horse galloping. He did it to win a bet.


Answer by  Cali2307 (1337)

It is believed that "Monkeyshines, No 1" was the first to be filmed on a continuous strip, although the exact date of production is not known. The film was shot by two of Thomas Edison's employees, and stars Edison himself. The film's purpose was to test the camera.

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