Question by  TK (51)

What's the scariest movie ever made?

I love scary movies and I want to make sure I have seen the scariest.


Answer by  dc8333 (420)

That really depends on what you are afraid of and how fertile your imagination is! Recently I have found Descent to be the scariest as it is a very claustrophobic film with a sustained sense of impending doom so it certainly did the job! Most other films these days seem to focus on gore & shock tactics.


Answer by  omI (2)

I also love to watch the horror movies. There are many more scary movies i have watched but the movie i found the scariest in my life is "The Exorcist"


Answer by  Dinagirl (182)

Disturbia, I love it! The eye(chinese version) is a very intensive one when you watch it with very loud sound. Those involving teenagers are also very scary...:)


Answer by  abilash (20)

i feel the best scary movie is The Exorcist. this movie which came in 1973 is considered the scariest ever taken. this movie is rated 95 on 100 scale. now when u see this movie you may get bored because of the techinical advancement now we are enjoying is missing

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