Question by  worker91 (8)

How do I heal an injury to the latissimus dorsi muscle?

I have injured the large muscle in my torso and need information on how to help it heal?


Answer by  patti (29325)

If you pulled a muscle, you must rest and allow it to heal. Severe pain should be addressed by a physician.


Answer by  Ren (25)

Refrain from activities involving the back and neck muscles until your injury is healed. Light stretching after the first few days may help, but stop if there is discomfort. Muscle cream also helps. Hot compresses and hot showers will provide pain relief while relaxing the muscle to promote quicker healing.


Answer by  Darry (3853)

Alternating heat and cold to the affected area will help as it does with other injuries. For the first few days rest as much as possible and avoid activities which irritate the area. Gentle stretching may help the pain but can also increase it so stop if it begins to be more painful than normal.


Answer by  daddy31 (304)

Your Lattisumus Dorsi heals like any other muscle on the human body. The muscle requires much attention and rest in order to heal. Try applying some muscle creams.


Answer by  robertofLA (17)

You need to let your muscle rest. If you really need to get in the gym use a bike or treadmill but no weights. Especially no pull ups. Patients.

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