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Question by  Als (29)

What foods can I give an injured wild dove as I care for it?

I found a dove with an injured wing and am trying to nurse it back to health but have no idea what to feed it.


Answer by  candywwgm (55)

It is critical that you get the bird to a wildlife rehabilitation center asap. Until then, adults can be fed any type of wild bird seen and even corn. Do not offer milk or bread.


Answer by  alicia214 (29)

It depends on what kind of dove it is. One kind of dove feeds more on the seeds on the ground. Other doves eat straight from the trees. The dove that feeds off the ground is most common. Trying a typical bird seed would not hurt the bird. They will eat corn, millet, safflower, and sunflower seeds.


Answer by  mb (5482)

Doves will eat most anything. Worms, seeds, fruits, berries. The main problem you face is that wild birds rarely do well in captivity. They fail to thrive and will usually refuse food.


Answer by  worker2746 (2434)

I would recommended first keeping the bird in a dark box with a towel so it doesn't get excited and injure itself more. You can feed regular bird seed.


Answer by  Bobinski (1652)

I would make sure the dove has water and you can feed it wild bird seed. You can also feed it honey for energy.


Answer by  TejasWoman (300)

I was fortunate enough to volunteer at a wild bird recovery center in South Texas, where all the injured or baby birds were hand fed moistened dry cat food. Just wet it with enough water to make it soft, open their mouth and push the food in, piece by piece.

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