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Question by  mehul (95)

How can I treat severe sunburn?

I fell asleep on the beach this morning and now it hurts even to move. My skin is a deep red color, and the pain won't go away.


Answer by  soapjunkie (581)

This is probably a second-degree burn. Cool the burn under cold water to reduce swelling. Do not use ice. If your sunburn is contained in one area (i. e. arm), cover with a sterile gauze bandage that is wrapped loosely. Watch for signs of infection, increased pain, skin blistering, fever, or oozing. Consult doctor if any of these occur.


Answer by  Aces99 (137)

With a normal "bad" sunburn I would suggest using simple remedies such as aloe vera and cold showers. However, your situation seems significantly worse. If you can barely move then it is severe enough to develope blisters. I would lay cool wet towels across your burn to ease the pain but, go see a dermatologist.

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