Question by  Johnathan2009 (1)

I fell and now I am up with serious pain and can barley walk on my foot. Is it broken?

I fell down stairs and had a numb feeling from my foot to my knee. Now it hurts all around my foot. I think it's a little swollen.


Answer by  motliec (183)

The foot may be possibly broken. The only way to tell for sure is by having an x-ray done. It may turn out to be just a severe sprain. Severe sprains can hurt just as much and swell as much as if it was broken.


Answer by  kashin7 (345)

If you fell down the stairs and you are experiencing these symptoms, you've probably broken your foot. You might feel some or all of the following symptoms if the bone was broken: tingling, numbness, swelling, sensitivity to touch and limited range of motion. You should see a doctor to have it X-Rayed.


Answer by  JRossi17 (788)

Usually if somethings broken you will see the difference in the structure of your foot, bruising would be dark set purple and any movement would be very painful.

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