Question by  hawesy (10)

I have vertigo which was caused by my pill. Will it ever stop completely?

Basically I wanted to ask if I will ever have a normal life again as I have had severe attacks twice. I would also like to have children but I need to know I'm safe. Me and my partner both want kids.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

The vertigo will probably go away once the pill is out of your system. Ask your doctor what to expect. Vertigo symptoms are usually short lived if you have no other health condition.

Reply by hawesy (10):
im usually fine its jst because of my pill im hoping it doesnt happen again n so far so good jst get dizzy sometimes but thts because of my hormones n headaches says the gp so jst need to take it easy n keep takin my meds to help  add a comment

Answer by  skm (432)

I'm not sure what pill caused your vertigo; however, vertigo is often self-limited (meaning that it goes away on its own). You should see a doctor to make sure there's no other reason you've been having vertigo. As long as they don't find any underlying problems, there shouldn't be a problem with having children.

Reply by hawesy (10):
it was a contreception (birthcontrol) pill called loestrin been to my gp and e.n .t specialist and had an mri but nothing was shown other thn my eoesrtigen level being too high so im now on medication to stop the vertigo attacks and get back to normal thnx :)  add a comment

Answer by  2mystique (5)

WOW, this is amazing! I only took Loestrin 24 FE for 8 days and have SEVERE dizziness that makes my head so light it feels I'm going to pass out! i told my GYN and she insists this isn't caused by this pill but I know it was!


Answer by  Bella1121 (106)

If you have vertigo caused by a birthcontrol pill you need to stop it immediately. If you continue a birthcontrol program you need to find one that is more gentle but still effective. The pill can effect each person differently depending on age and other factors, but I recommend stopping.

Reply by hawesy (10):
it was caused by a birth control pill and i have been advised by my gp not to go on anything because of my eoestrogen level being too high thnx for your reply :)  add a comment

Answer by  juanita57 (1374)

Yes I am sure you will have a normal life again.It takes a while for the pill to get out of your system. So stay positive and get busy with starting your family.

Reply by hawesy (10):
thanx its jst sometimes abit hard to knw where im at or if i will get bak to normal  add a comment
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