Question by  Captainrichspicedrum (49)

How can I tell if my arm is broken?

I fell on the stairs and my arm really hurts now.


Answer by  SafetyDude (8)

Severe pain, severe pain when moving the arm, swelling, deformities, or decreased sensations in arm are possible signs of a broken bone in your arm. The sooner that you see a physician for proper diagnosis and care the better. If you wait too long, as in too many days the bone may not heal properly.


Answer by  jamieellison (1637)

The gold standard in determining if your arm is broken is getting an x-ray. If you don't go that route, you are likely to have a broken bone if you see a bone sticking out of your arm, you notice that your arm bones are not in line or that your arm droops when trying to use it.


Answer by  p0kerdude87 (48)

I would recommend going to the doctor and having an x-ray taken, it's the only guaranteed way to check if it's broken

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