Question by  Dot (54)

What should I do for my senior picture?

I don't want to regret how I look 20 years later.


Answer by  SamDesouza (67)

Go for a well dressed formal look. Formal dresses have pretty much remained in style over decades. You could try and go for a casual look, but the trouble with that is casual looks have changed a lot over years and what looks decent now might look very awkward in twenty years.


Answer by  cashmang (112)

Just be yourself and you wont regret it. A few tips though, wear neutral solid colors... words and patterns can be distracting and some can be unflattering. Check out your "on command" smile in the mirror, since it can appear very awkward but is easy to nail with practice.


Answer by  decomom (923)

The most important thing for your pictures is to stay true to yourself. You want your pictures to be as personal as possible and reflect your personality.

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