Question by  Zeeta (261)

How do I put pictures on my phone?

I would like the person who is calling me to have a pictures associated with them and am unsure as to how to do that.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Every phone is different. Look online or in your manual on how it is done for your particular phone. Usually you just select the picture and there is an option to set it as a contact picture for a certain number.


Answer by  UmeshG (404)

for that first open your photo gallery in your cell select the photo of the person then go to option select use image then select set to contact then select phone number of the person you want. that is it.


Answer by  Bibinathina (89)

First select the person to whom the picture is to be added from the contact list,then from the menu select add image (or) add thumbnail option from your mobile. Then upload the picture of your wish then give ok to conform the selection.


Answer by  Indira (106)

Go to contacts then select name to whom you want to add the image. Then go to details. Then again select details option. Then select options in it. Select "add image" in it. Choose from the two options that will appear on the screen:(1)Open Gallery and (2)New Image. If chose first option, go to images and select the picture. If second option , click new picture.

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